Sep 23rd 2016


mostly new works
mostly by Jesse Malmed

opening reception Friday September 23, lunch time.

Like, what size scissors would we use for a ribbon-cutting of an imagined Claes Oldenburg scissor sculpture? Or, like, how can scissor and sculpture start with the same two letters as schlimazel? Before Andy Warhol committed EMPIRE to celluloid, bored office workers from blocks around had already performed the piece hundreds of times. I won’t say that boredom can’t be wonderful. I started to make field recordings reading Silence but the observer effect of revolving tape bits hurt my head even as “how loud pencils can be” joined my as-yet-un-ask-ed Garfunkel Forum Top 100. I was filing recently and realized perhaps I should have never told anyone about my interest in the alphabet. Does this press release seem like this is a show about the sixties? About Jaap Blonk 182? This is the final US Presidential election for which I am ineligible as a candidate. Imagine taking a houseplant for a walk or if this is the final US Presidential election. Like, less like interventions and more like interruptions.

Jesse Malmed is an artist and. Recent and upcoming include: organizing a screening at the Nightingale this Sunday called Difficult but Possible which is a corollary to Rules, Tools and Fools (still up!), a really lovely group exhibition that Jason Pallas and Jaclyn Jacunski put together which also includes Jesse’s mother, father and sister; the on-going Western Pole project; the Father’s Day show at the downtown Dick Blick; an excerpt of “How to have your/ own television show! (you already do)” playing continuously on; a performance with Alberto Aguilar as part of the closing of PDF-Objects; a talk show that’s a solo show that’s an exhibition in Indianapolis (opens October 8th); and one final Trunk Show exhibition, October 2nd at Mana.

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