Sep 16th 2016



3252 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Friday, September 16th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Saturday, October 22nd

Claire Arctander, Zak Arctander, Brandon Alvendia, Bill Bippes, Mark Booth, Julia Fish, Jesus Gonzalez Flores, Jill Frank, Judith Geichman, Karolina Gnatowski, Lee Godie, Michelle Grabner, Karl Haendel, Jessica Hyatt, Carol Jackson, Justin H. Jackson, Alejandro Jimenez, Xavier Jimenez, Alex Jovanovich, Michael Milano, John Neff, Nicole Perez, Nathan Andrew Thomas, Jack Walls, Unknown, and more.

The impulse to collect is pervasive, especially among artists. Heirloom and found objects, folk art, vernacular photographs, records, books… find yourself in any artist’s home and suddenly you’re privy to a secret economy of intimate connections and inspiration. Not least among artists’ collections are works of art by colleagues and friends. Oftentimes these items come into artists’ possession through counter-market means such as gifting or trades, or occasionally through purchase via art auction fundraiser. No matter the method, it’s certain that there’s something deeply personal, sentimental even, about their ownership which distinguishes them (among other things) from major art collectors.

For Housewarming, ADDS DONNA invited a group of artists with whom we have formed relationships over the past six years and asked that in addition to contributing one of their own works, that they also lend a piece from their private collection. In this way we hope to draw attention to the role of artists as collectors as well as examine the intricate web of influence they’re a part of.

At a time when support mechanisms are hard to come by, we look to each other for encouragement to continue the projects that sustain us. As ADDS DONNA moves into its new residence at 3252 W. North Ave, we invite you to help us celebrate the artists who have made us and others feel at home.

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