Sep 23rd 2016

Art After Hours



Opening Friday, September 23rd, from 6PM - 9PM

Art After Hours is a citywide open gallery night, inviting international visitors and the Chicago community to experience the city’s vibrant art scene. Featuring alternative exhibition venues and performance spaces, galleries participating in Art After Hours are open during extended hours on Friday, September 23 from 6:00–9:00pm.

Art After Hours is a core program of EXPO ART WEEK, September 19–25, 2016.

Participating Galleries

Fall Exhibition
ACRE Projects | 1345 W. 19th St.
Exhibition of works by 2015 ACRE Residents, curated by Alexandria Eregbu.

Tetsuya Noda: A Retrospective (A Diary of 50 Years)
Andrew Bae Gallery | 300 W. Superior St.
This solo retrospective exhibition showcases a Japanese printmaker, Tetsuya Noda’s Diary print work that spans his life and career of 50 years.

Samantha Bittman: Picture Structure, Lauren Taylor: Standing on my knees
ANDREW RAFACZ | 835 W. Washington Blvd. (2nd floor)
Andrew Rafacz is pleased to announce Picture Structure, a solo exhibition by Samantha Bittman, in Gallery One and Standing on my knees, a solo exhibition by Lauren Taylor, in Gallery Two.

The Arcade | 618 S. Michigan Ave., 2nd Fl.
Organized by VGA Gallery, GAME ART VS. ART GAME is a group exhibition of video games of artistic significance, made by both experimental game designers and fine artists experimenting with games. Within the conversational space of Columbia College Chicago’s Arcade Gallery, this selection of playable, iconoclastic video games will yield rare opportunities for comparison, contrast, appreciation and enjoyment.

Casilda Sánchez “The Temptation of Falling”
Aspect/Ratio | 119 N. Peoria St. #3D
“The Temptation of Falling” is a new series of video and drawing works that explores how we perceive and reinterpret mythology as well as re-contextualizing historic information and documentation.

#InHonor Alumni-in-Residence Exhibition + Reception
C33 Gallery | 33 E. Congress Pkwy. (1st floor)
Join us for an opening reception of #InHonor, our 2016 Summer Alumni Residency exhibition by Ervin A. Johnson. #InHonor is a series of portraits (photo-based mixed media) created to honor Blackness and speaks to the racial violence and discrimination currently occurring across America, particularly in the form of police brutality. #InHonor was created to exist in the public realm. The hashtag in the title is not only a purposeful nod to the viral nature of social media, but also an acknowledgment of the part it has played seeking justice in recent events.

Selections from the Steve and Karen Berkowitz Collection
Carl Hammer Gallery | 740 N. Wells Street
Representing works from Chicago collection of Steve Berkowitz, noted Chicago collector and former Chicago art gallery owner/director.

Shannon Finley: Interference
Carrie Secrist Gallery | 835 W. Washington Blvd.

Clarissa Bonet: City Space + Stray Light
Catherine Edelman Gallery | 300 W. Superior St.
We are thrilled to present our first solo exhibition for Clarissa Bonet, whose photographic work is garnering terrific international press. City Space + Stray Light runs from September 9 – October 29, 2016. City Space is an ongoing body of work about individuality in a large city and Stray Light looks at the anonymity of people in their homes at night.

Wabash Arts Corridor Murals and Tour
Columbia College Gallery Art Walk and Mural Tour | Wabash Ave between Congress and Roosevelt
Join curator Neysa Page-Lieberman for a free guided tour of the internationally renowned Wabash Arts Corridor. This bustling hub for public art in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood features over 50 large-scale street art murals and installations from a global roster of artists. Audiences will see the most high-profile works and hidden gems tucked away in alleys. The tour will last one hour, comfortable shoes recommended. The tour meets in the lobby of 623 S. Wabash Ave at 6pm.  Also stay for the Art Walk between the galleries of Columbia College Chicago. The galleries include: The Glass Curtain Gallery, The Arcade Gallery, The Hokin Project, and C33 Gallery.

Andrew Norman Wilson
DOCUMENT | 845 W. Washington Blvd.
DOCUMENT is pleased to announce Andrew Norman Wilson’s second solo exhbition at the gallery, Ode to Seekers 2012. The exhibition will open on September 17, 2016 and continue through November 5, 2016. Ode to Seekers 2012 is a looped video that celebrates mosquitoes, syringes and oil derricks. Not only are they symbols of some of the most significant threats to human life-mosquito borne illnesses, drug addition, and the petroleum industry- but they are also the cause of three of Wilson’s most signigifant personal traumas.

Wasalu Jaco Show
Ed Paschke Art Center | 5415 W. Higgins Ave.
The Ed Paschke Art Center is pleased to present its inaugural solo exhibition with Chicago artist, musician and poet Wasalu Jaco, popularly known by his stage name, Lupe Fiasco. A new body of acrylic on canvas paintings will be on view, featuring Jaco’s brilliantly colored hard-edged geometric abstractions stamped with his signature momento mori skull symbol in sculptural relief.

Efrain Lopez | 901 N. Damen Ave

“PTO” – Personal Time Off
Elephant Room Gallery | 704 S. Wabash Ave.
“PTO” – Personal Time Off is a collection of artwork created off the clock by the employees of Artist & Craftsman Supply in the South Loop.

Mike Rea: Depress Mode & Nelly Agassi: NUMIMA
THE FRANKLIN | 3522 W Franklin Blvd.
THE FRANKLIN is proud to present Depress Mode by Chicago artist Mike Rea. Depress Mode is a sculpture installation that explores a variety of topics. Subjects included: ISIS (or Dash if you prefer), Chicago, online dating, the patriarchy and paranormal activity. At the FLAT SCREEN: Nelly Aggasi’s latest video work titled NUMIMA.

FMK 5×5 Artist Residency Program
Fulton Market Kitchen | 311 N. Sangamon St.
Every week a different artist transforms the fultion market kitchen lounge space into their personal studio, allowing guests to observe, engage, and draw inspiration from their creative process; all while enjoying dinner and cocktails. The One Year Review gallery showcase will take place upstairs in the FMK studio featuring works created by past 5×5 resident artists. That weeks’ resident will be Tracee Badway, creating two large scale oil paintings for her, “Toilet Selfie Series”.

Fragrant Harbour, Golden Gate
Galerie Waterton | 311 W. Superior Street
This exhibition features impressionist paintings of Hong Kong and San Francisco, by Hong Kong artist Claire Lau.

Skillshot, The Collaborative Art of Pinball Opening Reception
Glass Curtain Gallery | 1104 S. Wabash, 1st Floor
Skillshot: The Collaborative Art of Pinball presents pinball machines as interactive artworks that are created through a collaborative process involving many skilled artisans such as designers, sculptors and engineers. As Chicago is the birthplace and world headquarters of pinball, Skillshot intends to capture the spirit and momentum of this dynamic art movement by highlighting the accomplishments of both industry professionals and enthusiasts. The exhibit will feature pinball machines, documentary videos, zines as well as original pre-production illustrations and sketches by iconic pinball designers. Curated by Mark Porter.

Purchasing Power: Chicago’s Relationship with Conscious Consumerism
The Hokin Project | 623 S. Wabash Ave, 1st Floor
Purchasing Power: Chicago’s Relationship with Conscious Consumerism addresses the reality of manufacturing, Chicago’s history on labor practices, alternative brands, and how to take action.

CHICAGO IS: OUR KIND OF ART (Group Exhibition)
Jean Albano Gallery | 215 W. Superior St.
A group show featuring Chicago artists, young and old.

JON KUHN – Forever
Ken Saunders | 230 W. Superior St.
Jon Kuhn presents his latest structure

Summer Group Show
Line Dot Editions | 1023 N. Western Ave.
International group show featuring 15 artists.

LVL3 | 1542 N. Milwaukee Ave.
LVL3 presents Becoming, a two-person show featuring Chicago-based Ben Foch and Toronto-based Laurie Kang. Foch’s practice delves into the transformative meaning behind accessible imagery and symbols, unveiling new perspectives onto common aesthetics. Kang’s multifaceted practice exploits material and its conventional use through abstractions that reconfigure their physical and metaphorical implications. Becoming pulls both these artist’s diverse approaches to recontextualizing material and meaning and looks at the space between the beginning and end.

Works from the Estate of Fred Troller
McCormick Gallery | 835 W. Washington St.
Fred Troller was a painter, sculptor, graphic designer, teacher and principle exponent of the “swiss design” movement of the 1950s and 60s.

Erik L. Peterson | FRESH SHEET
Open House Contemporary | 740 N. Ogden Ave.
Open House Contemporary has invited installation artist Erik L. Peterson to completely take over three Airbnb apartments with site specific artworks that advance a radical form of hospitality. The works in FRESH SHEET range from a video installation and a live shower performance to an interactive neon motel sign and three giant oil paintings depicting post-coital sheets lifted from old master paintings.

Process: Four Artists in Context
Pavilion 20th C Design and Art | 2055 N. Damen Ave.
Pavilion 20th C presents an intriguing group of four artists, where process is an underlying theme, the integral link between concept and creation.
This exhibition includes, sculpture, painting, drawing and furniture, shown in Pavilion’s curated collection of French and Italian 20th century design.

Dan Peterman: Slipping and Jamming
Randy Alexander | 1926 S. Wabash Ave.
Solo exhibition by the internationally recognized artist and teacher, Dan Peterman, that explores the intersection of art and ecology, focusing on networks of recycled materials.

40 Years: Part 1
Rhona Hoffman Gallery | 118 N Peoria
First in a series of three exhibitions highlighting the gallery’s 40 year history, “Part 1” focuses on the gallery’s history with Minimal and Conceptual art.

Lindsey Dezman: The Driftless Region
Roman Susan | 1224 W. Loyola Ave.
Through sculptural and photographic interpretations Dezman explores natural forming clays as a way to highlight the inherent material lifespan from one type of clay to the next.

Ali Aschman & Emma Robbins
Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center | 1034 N. Milwaukee Ave.
New works in sculpture, drawing, photographym and installation by Chicago and Los Angeles based artists Ali Aschman and Emma Robbins.

Styles of Radical Will
Sector 2337 | 2337 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Styles of Radical Will (Italian Sculpture) mixes sculpture, wall drawing, found objects, text, photography, works on paper, and fabric to address issues of time and duration.

Minimum Requirement
Silent Funny | 4106 W. Chicago Ave.
Minimum Requirement is a ten artist exhibition revolving around the ethos of accessibility and an interdisciplinary school of thought.

Painting in Time
Sullivan Galleries, School of Art Institute Chicago | 33 S. State Street, 7th Floor
A public reception for four exhibitions: Painting in Time: Part Two; Hélio Labs; New Work & Faculty Projects.

Philip Hartigan: COALTOWN
Terrain Exhibitions | 704 Highland Ave., Oak Park, IL
An animated diorama that explores half-remembered moments of tragedy and absurdity from a childhood in a British mining town.

LAX/ORD Currated by Thinkspace
Vertical Gallery | 1016 N. Western Ave.
100 artists are featured. All show 12 x 12 inch work.

Dead Frame
Volume Gallery | 845 W. Washington Blvd. (3rd Floor)
Dead Frame presents new work by Thaddeus Wolfe, concentrating his attention on the interaction of the light that is filtered through the glass medium. With this interplay in mind, Wolfe has added neon structures to his new body of work.

Deb Sokolow Men (Gallery 1)/ Dan Attoe (Gallery 2)
Western Exhibitions | 845 W Washington Blvd

Deb Sokolow: Sokolow’s tongue-in-cheek, text-driven drawings and collages incorporate the voice of a naive, unnamed narrator who presents semi-fictitious research and speculation on the lives of various famous men, both alive and dead. Powerful men, genius men, dangerous men and sad men are all subject to the narrator’s seemingly innocent questions, judgements and conclusions.  These drawings are a continuation of Sokolow’s research into famous men, geniuses, cults of personality, shadowy histories and organizational brainwashing.

Dan Attoe: For his third solo show with Western Exhibitions, Dan Attoe presents a series of fragmentary, free-associative drawings intermixed with two meticulous oil paintings of imagined waterfalls. Attoe’s paintings depict natural wonders — waterfalls, beaches, mountains, rocky cliffs, over-sized forests — populated by tiny figures spouting even tinier diaristic missives, hand-painted in silver and culled from the artist’s stream of consciousness.

Open Studios: Adele Supreme + Caroline Jacobson
Woman Made Gallery | 685 N. Milwaukee Ave
WMG will have two artists creating new work in the gallery space. Throughout this period we will hold open studios, which the public will have access to from 9/22-9/30.

Benjamin Cook “How Do I Know You?”
Zg Gallery, Inc. | 300 W. Superior St.
New paintings and sculpture



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