Aug 16th 2016

During this summer, the Walls of Hope students learned the processes of a studio and public practice. Through different field trips, presentations, discussions, and workshops students focused on a new way of making and thinking about art. Some of the media and techniques that were taught during class were the following; drawing, 3D “drawing”, monotype printmaking, abstraction, and mural spray painting. The curriculum always referred back to graffiti, street art, and our final mural. This class also allowed students to build their own portfolio for college and/or personal aspirations.

Elizabeth Reyes
Joseph Mora

Diego Audiffred, Kassandra Avitia, Lizbeth Bahena, Samantha Campos, Yvett Castrejon, Jose Estrada, Amairani Farias, Esmeralda Flores, Diana Garcia, Jose Garcia, Luis Garfias, Kentrell Hanna, Jared Lozano, Jamesha Mcquay, Guillermo Ortiz Macias, Kevin Perez, Penelopi Perez, Maria Robledo, Daniel Salgado, Joe Trejo, Nicholas Vasquez, Lorenzo Vega, and Sebastian Velazquez

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