Aug 19th 2016

Ethno / graphic

@ Chicago Artists Coalition

217 N. Carpenter Street

Opening Friday, August 19th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Thursday, September 8th

The Chicago Artists Coalition is pleased to present the HATCH Projects exhibition Ethno / graphic, featuring work by Yaloo, Jon Chambers, and Cassandra Stadnicki, curated by Brett Swinney.

The title Ethno / graphic refers to the mapping of spaces through the presentation of cultural artifacts. This exhibition is a study of ephemeral narratives dealing with inherent, invented, and incidental tendencies that accompany conventional spatial awareness, a type of consciousness that involves understanding object relationships when there is a change of position. Each artist uses their creative practice as a means to map out territories that go beyond conventional spatial awareness.

Yaloo builds elaborate narratives by merging farm machinery and alien abduction fantasies, culminating in a chromatic celebration of the cyclical production. As her projections wrap around features in the room, the viewer is absorbed in an immersive palette of wonder and awe.

Jon Chamber’s work is embedded in the interstitial spaces between dimensions. Taking a playful perspective, he manipulates concepts of volume and depth by suspending the notion of matter being somewhere between the screen and reality. Through a collection of interactive and immersive installations, Chambers creates a sense of detachment that is accompanied by a field of white noise and uncertainty.

Cassandra Stadnicki’s work is suspended between the past and present, life and death. Through an investigation of objects that are out of context, she explores immense loss and how it echoes beyond the function of that object. While memory is generally realized as a visual medium, Stadnicki embeds her reflections in soundwaves and, by doing so, allows space for subjective memorial. Her work explores how the phenomena of loss presents an opportunity to find harmony in a shared human experience.

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