Aug 30th 2016

20X20 is show and tell for grown ups. It’s a way to share ideas, projects, and unusual information. We invite fantastic people to share their passions, You get to meet them. The format is simple. Super special people are chosen to participate. They each get a chance to share 20 slides or digital files for 20 seconds a piece. That’s approximately 7 minutes of action per person! The presentations are done one after another with a break in between.

Featuring guest presentations by: Marian Frost, Logan Bay, James Ewert Jr., Oscar Arriola, Aron Gent, Tom Torluemke, Secret Order of the Lamprey, Jerry Boyle, Ed Marszewski, Joe Tallerico, Michael Digioa, Hannah Larson, and others.

Complementary snacks and beverages will be provided.

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