Jul 27th 2016

Join the DuSable Museum for an artist talk with Terrence A Reese.

Reflections [ri-flex-shun-s]: (1) a fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration (2) thought occurring in careful consideration or mediation (3) an image that is seen in a mirror or on a shiny surface.

Reflections is an intimate collection of documentary-style photographs of iconic African- Americans whose careers and contributions have addressed the fundamental political, social, and economic barriers and divides that has plagued our country while achieving some of the most highest honors and accolades as an instrument to social change and racial empowerment.

The photographer, Terrence A. Reese (TAR) has given us, the viewer, a rare opportunity to look beyond the iconic faces by taking many of the photographs in the subjects most personal and private spaces giving us a unique perspective to REFLECT on the true nature of the individuals.

Reese’s revolutionary approach to portraiture, intentionally encouraging the viewer to slow down and digest the visual experience as we begin to understand how much we can relate to these iconic figures as human beings and step behind the public façade and see them through an unfiltered lens.

The subjects themselves are REFLECTED in a mirror that has been strategically placed somewhere in the room. This liberates the eye to move about within the boundaries of the image, not encompassing it all in one glance. The exercise reveals the unforeseen and true nature of the individual which tells the subject’s story better than their faces alone ever could. It is the challenge of locating the subject’s image in the mirror that becomes an intriguing and rewarding experience.

Each image is accompanied by Reese’s personal written memoirs which reveal a creative collaboration of dialogue and intimacy that culminates into an emergence of art, culture and education providing our community with a historical treasure relevant to all generations.

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