Jul 24th 2016

RECEIVE, RELEASE, RESET, REPEAT: an artist talk with Sandrine Schaefer

In this talk, Sandrine Schaefer shares her recent research on temporal operations and witnessing politics in durational performance art in relation to her recent work Pace Investigations No. 4. Pace Investigations No.4 a fifteen­day performance art piece and residual installation on view July 14, 2016­ July 30, 2016 as part of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Low Residency Thesis Exhibition at the Sullivan Galleries, 33 S. State St. Chicago, IL. Each day of the exhibition, the same performance is repeated and either loses or recovers time. As this occurs, the actions that make up the performance must shift. Some actions become unrecognizable from previous days. Some merge to become a different action all together. Some actions are abandoned, while others increasingly gain significance. The work asks how one copes with acceleration, deceleration, and ambiguity when enduring institutional mediation, shared space, the presence of organic and inorganic materials, and other external forces. The work is site­sensitive and functions as a corporeal archive of the context transmitted through a singular body. It is an exercise in identifying what is essential in the moment. It is an exercise in surrender. It is an exercise that exposes the vulnerability of the human body by revealing its complex relationship to time. For more information visit: http://sites.saic.edu/lowres2016/

Using a site­sensitive approach, SANDRINE SCHAEFER works in the medium of live action to explore time as an intentional context Sandrine’s work often presents as durational performance art installations that intend to break traditional viewing behaviors by de­privileging sight as the primary sense to engage the work; rewarding the curious; and nurturing tendencies towards active witnessing. Over the past decade, Sandrine’s work has been exhibited internationally in performance art festivals, galleries, museums, and public spaces. Sandrine has been awarded fellowships through the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, The Tanne Foundation, the ICA James and Audrey Foster Prize, the Boston Foundation’s Brother Thomas Fund and she is a 2016 Edes Award Semi­ Finalist. Sandrine’s writing on contemporary art has been published in numerous international online and print publications. She is a co­founder of The Present Tense Live Art Initiative and Archive Project and a member of the experimental artist group, Mobius. To learn more about her work visit: www.SandrineSchaefer.com

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