Jul 8th 2016

Join us to celebrate the release of the book Jimmy Wright: Bathhouse, Meat Packing District and the Dream Cards: New York Underground 1973-90. This deluxe book showcases a selection of drawings from the 1970s by Jimmy Wright. Made just as Wright hit New York city, these works chart his engagement with the secretive subculture of gay bathhouses and clubs, as well as the seedier – and more colorful – side of street life on the lower east side. An insightful observer of human behavior, deeply engaged with the scene’s action himself, he was the fascinated documentarian of a rather fleeting, often extremely erotic scene, and by the 1980s he had turned this attention inward, to his own dream-life, which he religiously charted in sketches and annotations on what he called dream-cards. The book also includes an interview of the artist by Jim Dempsey and a context-setting essay by John Corbett. Jimmy Wright will be here in person!

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