Jun 6th 2016

Between the late 1950s and the mid-1960s, an artistic neo-avant-garde formed in Europe. Artists from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Switzerland cooperated to create a platform for their art in the form of joint exhibitions, actions, and publications. The artists worked as “curators” both within their own exhibition spaces and in the few galleries well-disposed to them. These joint projects often bore the name ZERO, which was chosen by the Düsseldorf-based artists Heinz Mack and Otto Piene in 1958 as the title of the journal they founded.

In Milan the artists Enrico Castellani and Piero Manzoni opened the Galleria Azimut in 1959 and edited the journal Azimuth, and other initiatives blossomed in the context of the European neo-avant-garde. Accompanied by the screening of historical photographs and recordings, of artistic exhibitions and actions from the period, the talk is intended to present some aspects of the research collected in the book The Artist as Curator: Collaborative Initiatives in the International ZERO Movement, 1957–1967.

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