Jun 17th 2016

This workshop is intended to provide a strong base of experience and knowledge from which individuals can create their own unique and successful rituals. Participants will discuss and practice the basics of intention-setting, grounding and visualization, and casting sacred space. We will spend our time talking, writing, moving, and creating ritual together. Participants will be empowered to define and exercise ritual on their own terms, towards their own ends.

All interested individuals are encouraged to attend, regardless of age, experience or beliefs. Attendance caps at 17. Doors will close to latecomers at 12:15pm. Workshop will last 4 hours with a 20 minute break.

Sliding scale $10-50, cash only. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Lyra Hill is a multidisciplinary artist, organizer, and educator living in Chicago. Born and raised in the SF Bay Area, she grew up in the Reclaiming community, a neo-Pagan eco-activist tradition with an emphasis on feminist spirituality. She began teaching magic and organizing rituals at the precocious age of 16. Lyra works as a teaching artist at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and continues to teach annually at Reclaiming Witchcamps in California. She brings a unique and well-rounded approach to teaching in both artistic and spiritual communities, drawing on 12 years of experience as a ceaselessly curious and open-minded educator.

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