Jun 17th 2016

Pacsun filed for bankruptcy.
That fuckboi circle jerk of a
store had it coming.
If u shop there fuck you
then unfriend me.
I take consumerism very seriously.


Beautiful presents Rage Farmer Rage Profiteer, an exhibition organized by Alivia Zivich. Participating artists include:

Will Benedict
Stare Case
Michele Di Menna
Olivia Erlanger
Puppies Puppies
Chloe Seibert
Alivia Zivich

Alivia Zivich (b. 1975, South Bend, IN; based in Detroit) received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and studied at Staedelschule, Frankfurt am Main. In 2005, she co-founded AA Records, an art and music label, with Nate Young (Wolf Eyes). Solo and as AA Records, Zivich has exhibited in Detroit, Los Angeles, Rotterdam, Vienna, Tokyo, and London. Recent shows include Night Club, Chicago; Cave, Detroit; and Vilma Gold, London (with Puppies Puppies). In 2013, Zivich co-founded What Pipeline, an artist-run gallery in Southwest Detroit. What Pipeline received the 2014 NADA NYC/Artadia Award and a 2014 Knight Arts Challenge Award.

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