Jun 10th 2016

The Arts Club returns to its first location – the fifth floor of the Fine Arts Building – to reopen one of its earliest exhibitions, originally shown in 1917: Japanese prints from the collection of Frank Lloyd Wright. Among prints by Harunobu and Hiroshige, the architect will deliver the lecture “The Print and the Renaissance,” followed by a reception and concert.

From our founding in 1916, The Arts Club of Chicago has brought exhibitions, performances, and discussions from artists across the country and around the globe. Our new video illustrates how we have presented the city with new images, sounds and ideas, continually remaining in the avant garde of arts and culture.

This summer, we recollect our history with a series of three public programs at past and present Arts Club locations. Conceived by public historian Paul Durica, each program revisits and re-enacts a major event from a different decade in the history of modernism in Chicago with actors who will dramatize the historical record. Visits to The Club by Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, and Alexander Calder will come to life.

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