Jun 3rd 2016

ACRE Projects presents don’t want your future, an exhibition that scrutinizes the destructive forces behind digital and industrial technologies on the global ecology. Video, sculpture, animation, and drawings question the ways that our technologically-mediated moment has an effect on social and geopolitical relations, agency, and the precarious state of our environment. From footage of the Global Desert Line in Israel and polluted landscapes in the United States and China, to the confessional space of social media made public and a re-animated tractor, 2015 ACRE Residents Nadav Assor, C. Matthew Luther, Joshua Rains, and Yaloo critique our ongoing reliance upon these technologies and infrastructures as our planet’s climate crisis escalates.

Nadav Assor’s video and performance work deals with the performed mediation of cities, bodies and personal narratives via lo-fi, appropriated military-industrial technologies. Nadav is a recipient of multiple awards and grants in the US and in Israel. He has exhibited and performed internationally for the past ten years. His video work was most recently featured in three consecutive Transmediale festivals in Berlin, at the Edith-Russ Haus in Oldenburg, MusraraMix festival in Jerusalem and the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago. He has most recently performed live at Manofim Festival in Jerusalem, Residency Unlimited and Spectrum in NYC, and the Lab in San Francisco. His work was reviewed in publications such as the Creators Project, Vice Motherboard, Art Monthly UK, Haaretz, and more. His recent solo show “Angels”, featuring a prayer-chanting hexacopter and other drone-based work, was an Artforum Critic’s Pick for July 2014.

More information about Nadav Assor can be found at http://www.nadassor.net/

C. Matthew Luther is a photographer, printmaker, and video artist based in Wuhan China. He is currently a Visiting Professor of Art and Design at Hubei University of Technology. Luther’s work often includes community-engaged projects such as the Wuhan Mobile Printmaking Lab, a tricycle outfitted to produce silkscreen prints on the go. In his studio research, Luther moves between painting, printmaking, and video to explore the human detachment with nature and the consequences of complicated relationships with the land. Luther received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Southern Oregon University and a Master of Fine Art at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has exhibited internationally including a current show at One Space Gallery in Wuhan China. He has been a recent visiting Artist-in-Residence in Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and at will be an Artist in Resident at AARK in Korpo, Finland July of 2016.

More information about C. Mattew Luther can be found at www.matthewluther.com | www.canvasofruin.com

Joshua Rains is a self-taught artist currently living and working in Chicago. He explores intimacy, invasion, and exploitation in a continually shrinking world. He uses analogue practices to re-present digital information drawn from the Internet that instills the imagery with a sense of fictionalized closeness with both the artist and the audience. Juxtaposed with a documentary manner that suggests a high degree of verisimilitude, his works blur the division between public and private, fact and fiction, and become an entry point for a critique of social conventions. He received his BS from Olivet Nazarene University and an MA from Governors State University.

More information about Joshua Rains can be found at http://www.drawjoshdraw.com/

Yaloo is a South Korean artist living in Chicago. She received her Master of Fine Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2015 with a focus on digital image making and video installation. She was the first recipient of Lyn Blumenthal Memorial Fellowship, given by SAIC’s Video Data Bank. Yaloo’s works have been part of number of solo and group shows and screenings in Chicago, New York, Seattle, Vancouver, British Columbia, Malmo, Sweden, and Seoul, South Korea. She is a currently a HATCH resident artist at Chicago Artist Coalition.

More information about Yaloo can be found at http://www.yaloopop.com/

Matthew A. Coleman is an art and media historian, creator, and ACRE resident curator based in Portland, Oregon. Primarily interested in the ways in which media (art, film, television, the Internet and its infrastructures, etc.) re-mediates experiences of land, his writing integrates visual methodologies with personal narratives. He graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a MA in Modern Art History, Theory, and Criticism, where he wrote his thesis on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. He previously received his BA in Art History & Visual Culture studies at Whitman College. He was the managing editor of AGMA, a quarterly publication on exhibitions, and worked at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.

More information about Matthew A. Coleman can be found at http://www.matthewacoleman.com/

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