Jun 25th 2016

“In taking judicial notice of defendant’s counterclaim charging allurement we hold this charge to be one of ordinary negligence liability, already found to be without merit in this proceeding; however, we extend this judicial notice to embrace that section of plaintiff’s response to the related charge of dangerous nuisance wherein plaintiff alleges damage from the strong hence derogatory implication that his sculptural creation, with a particular view to its internal components, was de- signed and executed not merely to suggest but to actually convey menace, whereto he exhibits extensive dated and annotated sketches, drawings, and notes made, revised, and witnessed in correspondence, demonstrating that at no time was the work, in any way or ways as a whole or in any component part or parts or combinations thereof including but not limited to sharp planes, spirals, and serrated steel limbs bearing distinct resemblances to teeth, ever in any manner conceived or carried out with intent of entrapment and consequent physical torment, but to the contrary that its creation was inspired and dictated in its entirety by wholly artistic considerations embracing its component parts in an aesthetic synergy wherein the sum of these sharp planes, jagged edges and toothlike projections aforementioned stand as mere depictions and symbols being in the aggregate greater than the sum of the parts taken individually to serve the work as, here quoting the catalogue distributed at its unveiling, ‘A testimony to man’s indiminable [SIC] spirit.’

William Gaddis, A Frolic of His Own


Aaron van Dyke and Tony Sunder were once professor and student. Aaron van Dyke has shown in Chicago before. Tony Sunder is an artist and writer living between Minneapolis and Los Angeles.

GAS Gallery and Press is a metaphysical gallery and press allocated in Minneapolis, MN.


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