Jun 9th 2016

Woman Made Gallery is please to partner with Art of Science for a presentation in conjunction with CODE/SWITCH + CODE/MIX & Quest exhibitions. Art of Science is a series in which scientists present different topics/reserach to the general public in a laid back atmosphere of an art gallery.

“Comparative Genomics, Visualization and Big Displays”
Presented by Jillian Aurisano
University of Illinois at Chicago

The volume of complete genome sequence data available to comparative genomics researchers is rapidly increasing. However, visualizations in comparative genomics — which aim to enable analysis tasks across collections of genomes — have largely not kept pace and often suffer from visual scalability issues.

Jillian Aurisano will describe in this presentation her work with bacterial genomics researchers to develop new approaches to visualizing neighborhoods around genes of interest in hundreds of complete bacterial genome sequences. The application she developed aims to be both visually scalable for large collections of genome sequences and to take advantage of large, high-resolution display environments, like tiled-display walls.

In her discussion of this work, she will address the challenges of bringing a visual perspective to big data problems in science and the new opportunities presented by advanced graphics environments for data visualization in science.

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