May 12th 2016

Celebrate the START OF SUMMER with a new DADS tradition: A DIY Experimental Arcade!

The pop up arcade is an open and inclusive exhibition format. It goes like this: Got a game? Show up with your laptop and display your game. Or– just show up and play some games!

So, it’s sort of like a potluck, just with games. Big games, small games, personal games, weird games, or experiences that are barely games at all.

This event is a collaboration with the Art Games class and The Experimental Game Lab at SAIC, and features games and experiences from:

Paula Carreno
Stefan Glowacki
Miriam Kac
Zoe Kaplan
Davin Park
Nathan Ramos
Craig Stam & Thomas Newlands
Grant Tyler
Cris Valles
Jessica Warren
-and more!-

One result of the slow march of technological progress, which provides us with portable, high-powered hardware capable of running increasingly user-friendly software tools, is that video game development is no longer exclusively reserved for those with computer science degrees working for large companies with extremely powerful computers. Video games can now be easily made by individuals: artists, writers, painters, musicians, performance artists, etc. This democratization is giving way to new voices using (and expanding) the format and shared language of videogames to create personal, poetic, political, or subversive experiences. This show, both in its curatorial form as well as its content, reflects on this new landscape, reconfiguring the traditional idea of the arcade into something more diverse, inclusive, intimate and personal; something that resembles a “show and tell” more than a chuck-e cheez, an art show that is less “white cube” and more “potluck”.

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