Mar 5th 2016

We are ten artists currently occupying a series of former geological laboratories in a brown brick building dating to sometime in the early 20th century. If geology is a combination of material exploration, unstable classifications, archival scratchings and alchemical ambition, then it might provide an appropriate foil for the kinds of activity taking place there now.

We invite you to join us on March 5th, in the BASEMENT LEVEL of LOCY HALL (1850 Campus Drive, Evanston, Il) when we will offer our artwork, our hospitality, our soft furnishings, and an array of snacks and warming beverages. See you soon.

Lama Altakruri
Lilli Carré
Dan Miller
Max Guy
Erin Hayden
Craig Neeson
Kentaro Kumanomido
Sara Milkes
David Sprecher
Titus Wonsey

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