Mar 11th 2016

The Stolbun Collection is pleased to present the Chicago debut of DiMoDA, The Digital Museum of Digital Art. DiMoDA is the preeminent virtual institution devoted to Digital/ New Media Art. Visitors to the installation may visit DiMoDA’s first four virtual reality solo exhibitions from artists Claudia Hart, Tim Berresheim, Jacolby Satterwhite and Aquanet 2001. Directors/Developers Alfredo Salazar-Caro and William Robertson first conceived of the DiMoDA in 2013 and launched the institution in November 2015 for the The Wrong(again) digital art biennale as an online Pavilion and IRL Embassy at Brooklyn’s Transfer Gallery.

Visitors to The Stolbun Collection use an Oculus Rift Headset in conjunction with headphones and a game controller to access and navigate through DiMoDA. Exhibitions are accessed through portals in the museum atrium. Each artist was given complete control over their solo exhibition. A large LED-screen allows others to follow along as the visitor explores the museum.

DiMoDA is dedicated to collecting, preserving, interpreting and exhibiting Digital artworks from living New Media artists, while expanding the conscious experience of viewing Digital art in a Virtual space. The DiMoDA building is intended as a home for contemporary digital art and an incubator for new ideas, as well as an architectural contribution to the Internet’s virtual landscape.

Celebrate the end of SAIC Critique with with DiMoDA Presented by The Stolbun Collection

Open Hours between 4 and 6pm

A recption will follow immediately at the home of Seth Stolbun

Appointments are otherwise still avaiable through March 31st please email

Official Website

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