Sep 28th 2015


@ Fulton Market Kitchen

311 N Sangamon St Chicago, IL 60607

Opening Monday, September 28th, from 5PM - 1am

On view through Friday, October 30th

As inherently sexual beings, blessed with the gift of erotic pleasure but cursed with a legacy of conflicting stigmas and preconceptions that trail behind our actions like a shadow, the creation of the female identity is fraught with challenge. Among us, those who identify as women, there are varying degrees of liberation. But, most lay claim to one of many myriad scars won in battles against a repressive past and a deconstruction of an all-too-antiquated idea of female delicacy. Indelicate rips open the old (or new) wounds we have carried since when we stepped into our own power, and celebrates the victories and accomplishments in each of us.

Indelicate, a female-curated exhibit, seeks to explore the experience of female sexuality in a richly vibrant and diverse showcase of artist work. Fulton Market Kitchen and Locallective Gallery have entered into an exciting partnership for the month of October, co-hosting the month-long 5×5 Artist Series at Fulton Market Kitchen. October 5×5 artist series will open a space for exploration, offering different vantage points from which to examine the spectrum of female experiences. Following the usual structure of the series, a different artist will take “residence” at Fulton Market Kitchen, exhibiting their artistic process and giving guests an opportunity to reflect on the universal truths encapsulated by a shared notion of female power. All of the works created during the month of October with be showcased at Locallective Friday 13th, November.

Cocktails & Food by FMK

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