Sep 18th 2015

DEMO Chicago consists of one night of paintings, performances, sculpture, installations, videos, music, and live-streaming by 24 artists representing more than 3 countries!

DEMO is a supplement to the Chicago EXPO, focusing on the work of up and coming local and international artists. Located in two physical spaces, DEMO is testament to the Internet’s ability to build community, and a demonstration of a new form of non-centralized art expositions. Live video streams will connect audiences from one side of Chicago to the other, while providing a physical space for streamed performances from across the world.

The event will be held simultaneously at both TCC Chicago’s Headquarters (2547 W North Avenue) and the Archer Beach Haus (3012 S Archer, #2), with an open livestream connection between them!

Paula Nacif
Violet Systems
Nanae Shimazu
Live footwork provided by Tekk DJ’z
Christine Janokowicz
Kevin Carey
Lisa Claire Green

-Painting and installation-
Ursula Andreeff
Rebecca Elliot
Maggie Harrington
Julia Kriegel
Coco Menk
Anja Morel
Sawako Okayasu
Aaron Von Krupp
Allison Zuckerman

-Streamed performances and art-
Shawné Michaelain Holloway
Bryan Peterson
Alp Seyrekbasan & Adrien Stein
Reina Taniuchi
Saya Yamauchi

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