Jul 24th 2015

Gallery Damacy

@ Hidden Dog

2151 w. 21st street chicago, IL

Opening Friday, July 24th, from 6PM - 10PM

On view through Thursday, August 13th

Gallery Damacy

July 24th, 2015 – August 13th, 2015



Unfortunately, damacy (spirit) cannot be taught. Rather, spirit collects in bits and pieces, in costumes and objects, in characters and drawings.


Amy Chiao (Los Angeles, USA) graduated from RISD in 2014 with a BFA specializing in textiles. Now, she works for Nike making children apparel, clothes for play. Chiao’s work positions the wearable as a fantasy object where dream logic and imagination reigns supreme, elements clearly fundamental to a developing understanding of systems both micro and macro.

エイミー シャオ (ロサンジェルス、アメリカ在住)
ロードアイランド スクール オブ デザイン/ロードアイランド造形大学でテキスタイルを専攻し、2014年に卒業。

Suzy Amakane (Hiroshima, Japan) enjoyed manga as a child, especially Tezuka’s infamous Mighty Atom (Astro Boy). He attended the Tama Art University, one of Japan’s most highly acclaimed fine-art schools, graduating in 1982 from the Graphic Design Faculty. Suzy has a sensuous and playful style brimming with reference, yet clearly his own. His work as a Mangaka (comic artist) has lead to him featuring work on the cover of Comics Underground Japan, a compilation showcasing Japan’s most accomplished underground comic artists. Amakane has had work in magazines, on TV, CD jackets and labels, as well as many solo and group exhibitions in both Japan and Australia.

スージー 甘金(広島、日本在住)
彼の漫画家としての作品(コミック アート)は、日本で最も有名な漫画家の作品を選り集めて米国で出版されたアンソロジー、
”コミックス アンダーグラウンド ジャパン” の表紙を飾った。

Geoffrey Todd Smith (Chicago, USA) is a painter utilizing repetition to create optically striking abstract compositions. He received his BFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and his MFA at Northern Illinois University in 1995. Geometric systems, which can typically appear harsh and unforgiving, are handled with joy, compassion and excitement through the structural elements present in his work. Geoffrey Todd Smith is represented in Chicago by Western Exhibitions.

ジョフリー トッド スミス(シカゴ、アメリカ在住)
スクール オブ ザ アート インステイチュート オブ シカゴ /シカゴ美術館付属美術大学を卒業し、ノーザン イリノイ大学

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