May 19th 2015

Live to Tape: The Sitcom Set

@ Links Hall

3111 N Western Ave

Opening Tuesday, May 19th, from 7PM - 10PM

Ilene Segalove — More TV Stories
Marc Couroux — We Know What You’re Looking For—A Situationist Comedy
Sherry Millner — Unruly Fan/Unruly Star
Chris Rice — 8 Seasons (Excerpt)
Ann Magnuson and Tom Rubnitz — Made for TV
LJ Frezza — Nothing
Eric Watts and Josh Duensing — Is This Real? (Performance)
Sean Joseph Patrick Carney — Talk Show

The couch, the laughtrack, the wacky neighbor—the sitcom set is a familiar place. And we, its public, are a set all our own—ready to guffaw and to indulge even the dopiest situations, predictable stunt casting and what-a-misunderstandings because we need the eggs, because it’s sublime to see a couch from the couch. This program’s for the jokesters, the one-liner fanatics, the crouched potatoes.

In its first live incarnation, Is This Real? asks the toughest question—Is This Real? Flying in from New York, Concrete Comedian and Performance Artist Sean Joseph Patrick Carney debuts an unhinged talk show in concert with the nascent BHQFUTV. LJ Frezza reveals the signs and feelings of ghost-town Seinfeld. Marc Couroux détourns advertisements, while Ann Magnuson and Tom Rubnitz channel surf through staggering performances. Ilene Segalove’s serializes the ways we relate to television over a life. Sherry Millner finds her way to an actual sitcom set to interrogate the sitcom set, the sitcom star and the fan-star constellation. Chris Rice stacks the abutments, transitions and neighborly fences of Tim, his family and his show.

Links Hall is proud to present Live to Tape Artist Television Festival, a week-long celebration of artist television performances and screenings curated by Jesse Malmed. From May 18th to 24th, the festival will showcase video and performance works by more than sixty artists—spanning four decades—that take television as object, as concept, as antagonist, as material, as form, as inspiration. Some of the most exciting artists working on the edges of broadcast, video art, comedy and performance are brought together for a week of wild and wonky televisionary delights, offering a glimpse into the futures and pasts of artist television.

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