Feb 14th 2015

Visitation Rites III & ASCII 6

@ The Franklin

3522 W. Franklin Blvd. Chicago IL 60624

Opening Saturday, February 14th, from 6PM - 10PM

On view through Saturday, March 7th

Circulate within the Hive Body that is The Franklin, an engine of warmth that works analogous to the winter survival tactics of the honeybee. Generate a friendly friction this Valentine’s Day by passing from inside to out, between Visitation Rites III and ASCII 6. Exchange fermented syrups from your stomach to the mouth of your peers and be(e) thankful that your insulation is not the corpse of your sister.

Outside in the gallery and fire pit, Christopher Smith will conduct Visitation Rites III, an exhibition of new collage and sculpture, as well as a video installation documenting the first Visitation Rites, a group ritual started in 2013 at The Franklin. After the ritual libations have been administered, a sacrifice of art objects from around the world will be set ablaze in The Franklin’s ritual fire pit. All behavior and sacrifices will be documented by the all seeing video eye of The Franklin.


Angie Evans
Phil Parcellano
Gwen Zabicki
Philip von Zweck
EC Brown
Vincent Dermody
Patrik Qvist
Irene Perez Gil
Catie Olson
Morgan Richardson
Kevin Jennings
Traci Hercher
Adam Farcus
Derek Weber
Bryan Volta
Brandon Alvendia
Jenyu Wang
Rebecca Beachy
Victoria Martinez
Dan Sullivan
Edra Soto

Indoors, EC Brown will facilitate ASCII 6, as part of a series of open-call exhibitions driven by sets of specifications (all involving some sort of fine attire). Specifications for participants are available at http://www.archeospiritist.com/ Guests are not subject to rules or specs of any sort, but elegant apparel is encouraged and always enjoyed by all.


Andrea Jablonski
Catie Olson
Chris Hefner
Cole Pierce
Dan Sullivan
EC Brown
Edra Soto
George John Larson
Lucia Fabio + Robert Andrew Mueller
Michelle Anne Harris
Stephanie Burke
Will Soderberg

Christopher Smith is an artist living and working in Chicago. http://visualdesolation.tumblr.com/

EC Brown is a painter and exhibition-organizer, and one-half of Floor Length and Tux. http://www.ecbrown.org/

*The survival strategy of honeybees is to form a cluster within the hive. They are exothermic as individual insects, but endothermic as a colony. Winter bees, physiologically different and longer-living than their brethren, will create a dense mantle about the core of the colony, vibrating their wing muscles to generate warmth. Within the core, work resumes and the nursery is cared for. As bees on the outer edge of the mantle become hypothermic, their bodies are pulled inward as other bees migrate outward to take their place. Depending on winter temperatures and other conditions, the hive can suffer a great many deaths, which can be heartbreaking to the beekeeper.

Micro-music selections played by DJ Catieo throughout the night.

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