Nov 23rd 2014

Territories, Todd Mattei’s first solo screening in Chicago, brings together a selection of his video work spanning the last 11 years. Mattei’s videos open up a portal to a science (non-)fiction landscape that is littered with familiar objects, myths, fonts and concerns from our contemporary world. Through his use of video collage, dramatic text and atmospheric sound, Mattei encourages us to feel rather than know our way through these territories.

Included in the screening are four new pieces from 2014, including two premieres, a music video for Chicago’s Owls and an excerpt from an in-progress vampire movie.

“My videos are not persons (this goes without saying, I suppose). My videos are smaller territories built from the experience of my person. They are strictly partial, and when you watch them you will feel the places where different kinds of parts combine, overlap, bump into each other, or suddenly disappear. They are like this because this is how I think life is. Or life in my territory, at least.

The worlds of my videos are shattered, pieces are lying all over the place. But the pieces are alive, and they are striving towards light and union.“ – Todd Mattei

Todd Mattei is an artist, working primarily in video and photography, residing currently in Chicago. Todd has screened or exhibited in such places as Chicago Filmmakers, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Milwaukee Art Museum, Artists Television Access (San Francisco), Pacific Film Archive, Carrie Secrist Gallery, Sober and Lonely (Johannesburg), the Nightingale, and more. He received his MFA from the University of Illinois, Chicago, in 2006.

Todd is also a musician, and has contributed to the production of more than 20 full-length recordings, most notably with the bands Joan of Arc (Polyvinyl Records, Jade Tree Records, Perishable Records), Sharks and Seals (Brilliante Records) and Male (Other Electricities).

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