Oct 16th 2014

The New [New] Corpse

@ Sector 2337

2337 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago IL

Opening Thursday, October 16th, from 7PM - 9PM

On view through Thursday, December 11th

For its inaugural exhibition, Sector 2337 presents The New [New] Corpse, a group show curated and produced by The Green Lantern Press with thirteen artists whose work in photography, sculpture, performance, film, and drawing wrestles with representation to show how the figure appears fragmented, distorted, or emphatically absent. These artists exhume the human body to study the material networks by which it is comprised. Xaviera Simmons presents the figure fragmented in the pages of an open book. French artists Benjamin L. Aman and Marion Auburtin present ceramic music boxes that turn like grotesque curiosities. Recent Whitney Biennial participant Joseph Grigely offers expired New York Timesclippings with the figure frozen and silent mid-song. Heather Mekkelson includes the material excerpts of human activity and Rachel Niffenegger installs a field of debris and faded scrims. Shoshanna Weinberger and Young Joon Kwak each explore an estranged and modified body, while Jason Lazarus photographs a blurred chair, emphasizing the body’s absence. Throughout each of these portrayals, representation is skewed, and unfixed — as copies of images in flux, emerging in foreign mediums that themselves have material properties: metal, cake, photography, facsimile, dust. Shane Ward’s sculpture is a deteriorated cast of a Roman artifact, and Aay Preston-Myint installs an edible homage to utopic ideals. Within this constellation of works, a postulate emerges: the human figure is no longer defined by stable boundaries, but is rather embedded in a network of fluctuating nonhuman parts.

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