Oct 19th 2014

A true, yet fictional, tale of a prehistoric technology.

Findings of a dark ink, containing secrets, messages from outer space.

“Conscience letters” that reveal the curious case of an unavoidable misfortune of those who stole petrified wood.

A scandalous link between the history of carcinogenic chemical solvents in garment cleaning industry, and the use of plants for indoor air pollution abatement.

Concrete abstractions that demand affection.

Treating Science/Fiction as a platform to explore the field of science, and its fiction, the participating artists perform obscure and obsessive empirical investigations, pseudo utopic speculations and humorist lyric, natural observations.

Ryan Thompson brings together artifacts from two distinct projects: “PLANT ON PREMISES” and “Bad Luck, Hot Rocks.” The “PLANT ON PREMISES” collage examines the aesthetics of the garment cleaning industry, the history of chemical solvents and its curious link to the use of plants for indoor air pollution reduction. “Bad Luck, Hot Rocks” documents, in the form of a book, the phenomenon “conscience letters,” sent by visitors that removed, without permission, wood from the Petrified Forest National Park in Northeast Arizona.
Kimberly Kim research in cosmic and earthy liquid surfaces takes the form of archival-print objects. Printing and blowing up high-res scientific images on high contrast ox-blood-wine papers, the images morph data onto the surface of the print in attempt to create new materialism.
Noa Dolberg pairs her “Gadget for the Caveman” with Reuven Israel’s DFOM leaning objects to create one atmospheric installation. Dolberg’s “Gadget for the Caveman”—a light bulb floor arrangement—dims in relation to values from an analyzed video of a campfire, while sound, from a hidden source, plays a video’s soundtrack of crackling flames, supporting the experience of an indoor campfire. Next to it, Reuven Israel’s DFOM (Don’t Fall On Me) is leaning against the wall;
a lacquered wooden globe, a planet-like-sphere propped up on a copper rod.
The show will also provide a glimpse of hidden artifacts from the artists’ studios and research-related production materials.

REUVEN ISRAEL (b. 1978, Jerusalem); Lives and works in Brooklyn. Israel’s sculptural work has an air of unreality. Outlining symbols of shared memories they or not abstractions of specific objects but sculptures thriving for autonomy as unique things. Reuven Israel holds both an MFA (2007) and a BFA (2004) from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. Solo exhibitions include, among others :“Superpartners”,Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2011); “Fatima”, Braverman Gallery, Tel-Aviv (2010); “From Shapes to Forms”, Museo Civico Floriano Bodini, Gemonio (VA) (2010); “Range of Sorrow”, Montrasio Gallery, Milan (2009).

For more information: reuven-israel.com

NOA DOLBERG lives and works in Brooklyn. Noa Dolberg’s work traverses visual design and code, sound, electronics and fabrication, often integrated into installation pieces. Her work reflects on the use of technology as means to recreate the magic that was once related even to its most simplest forms. Noa’s work has been shown at “thingWorld” New Media Triennial at the National Museum of China, Beijingת, EPFL+ECAL Lab, Lausanne (Switzerland); London Design Festival (UK); NIME, The 14th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (London) and at the NYC Media Lab (NY). Noa holds a degree in Visual Communication from Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, and an MFA from the Design and Technology program at Parsons The New School, New York.

For more information: noadol.com

RYAN THOMPSON lives and works in Chicago, IL where he is an artist and Associate Professor of Art & Design at Trinity Christian College. His ongoing Department of Natural History projects engage a range of complex and peculiar relationships between humans and the natural world. Recent projects are featured in Cabinet Magazine: Stones (Summer 2014), Making the Geologic Now (Punctum Books, 2013), Format P Magazine: Earth Works! (2013), and Reframing Photography (Routledge, 2010). He has exhibited at: EYEBEAM (New York), Gallery Analix Forever (Geneva), Links Hall (Chicago), Evanston Art Center (Chicago), Root Division (San Francisco), Mila Kunstgalerie (Berlin), and Lease Agreement (Baltimore, MD).

For more information: departmentofnaturalhistory.com

KIMBERLY KIM (b. 1989, Seoul, Korea) almost received her BA in Photography from Columbia College (diploma hold pending). She is a student of Mathematics and Computer Science with a background of Photography and printmaking. Kim currently lives and works in Chicago.

For more information: kimberlykim.net

RUSLANA LICHTZIER (b. 1984, Siberia, Russia) is a Chicago based artist, writer, and curator. Her background as a migrant is a principal force in shaping a cultural practice that is focused on creating new artistic, politically charged products, under a persistent reconsideration of the hegemonic canons. Her recent curatorial projects include, among others, the group exhibitions Coriolis Effect (as part of ACRE Fellowship, ACRE gallery, Chicago, IL) and Terrorists In The Library (705 MacLean, Chicago, IL); Her writing is published on The Seen Magazine (EXPO Chicago), Open Systems (Vienna, Austria), Noga Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel), and Museum Ashdod for Contemporary Art (Ashdod, Israel).

For more information: ruslanalichtzier.com

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