Oct 5th 2014

Karolina Gnatowski: Soul Kitchen

@ Kitchen Space

2716 N Monticello Ave Unit 1F

Opening Sunday, October 5th, from 9am - 12PM

On view through Friday, October 31st

Kitchen Space is pleased to continue its exhibition programming with new work from fiber artist Karolina Gnatowksi. The exhibition will continue through October 31.

Working with someone whose work you admire can present challenges. If for instance you reach out to an artist who you’re a fan of, who you know has a reputation and who is certainly leaps and bounds ahead in their career, and ask them if they’d be willing to participate in a show in your kitchen and they say yes to you, a task like writing a press release then becomes this humbling moment. What can be written? Will it be adequate? Am I going to make a fool of myself? And then, between long breaks from trying to muster up the chutzpah to write anything at all that comes to mind, I’m reminded by the preceding information : “new work from fiber artist Karolina Gnatowski,” that perhaps those concerns would be laughed at by her.

Gnatowski’s no-bullshit attitude can perhaps best be seen in her work, and in the work in Soul Kitchen in particular. Gnatowski has built this show around the fact that its taking place in a kitchen. In a way that indicts the viewers to make the work and its underpinnings activate. Soul Kitchen gets its name from a song by The Doors. Gnatowski has once again and rather acutely riffed work in a style synonymous with a 70s Los Angeles rock legacy. Woven décor—macramé and the like typify a 1970s kitchen, but Gnatowski has raised the stakes. A once open kitchen has given way to an overbearing LA sunset wind chime. And perhaps what’s left to consider is the nuanced aspects of life in a by-gone era becoming revitalized, and revealing to us a less nuanced now.

Karolina Gnatowski invites you all to Kitchen Space for morning beers the way “Jim Morrison was known to do”. Sunday October 5th from 9am-12pm

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