Oct 8th 2014

Inspired by Los Angeles art collective My Barbarian’s explorations of feminist legacies, maternal symbolism, and their own roles as cultural producers, the films and videos in Half Suffocated star shaken sons, dazed daughters, multifarious moms, and a Brechtian lightbulb that shines a light on it all. Interruptions abound via stuttering motion, graceful repetitions, and shocks to the surface. Separated by decades, intents, and methods—but clashing playfully—these works knowingly allude to the serious artistic, political, social and historical situations that My Barbarian reenacts.


Martin Arnold, Alone: Life Wastes Andy Hardy, 1998, 16mm, 15 min.

Marjorie Keller, Daughters of Chaos, 1980, 16mm on dvd, 20 min.

Malcolm Le Grice, Castle 1, 1966, 16mm with light bulb, 20 min.

Kera MacKenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney, In a Perfect Fever, 2014, video

Image: Marjorie Keller, Daughters of Chaos, 1980, 16mm, 20 min. (stlll).

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