Oct 24th 2014

The Carl’s inaugural show will feature two artists dealing with recollection as a common thread in their work. Evoking themes of personal recollection, community recollection and collective recollection, the work present will offer an experience about recollection that is as different as the individuals that produce it.

Aubrey’s practice meanders through poetic re-imaginings of objects that may seem familiar, but delve into the uncanny. Familiarity distorts and shifts through material transformations, accessing broader psychological recollections in the viewers mind. These artifacts propose a narrative much larger than themselves, while displaying a history of use, abuse, and transformation.

Betany’s scenes of interior and exterior space allow us to experience and feel places Betany has spent time with in the way that she herself recalls them. Objects such as wood stoves, sleeping bags, ice chests and tarps functions as icons for memories of place. Betany paints objects in places familiar to her with a similar approach to someone painting their best friends, recalling their idiosyncrasies, describing their attitudes. Through Betany’s detailed recollections we ourselves get to share a memory with another subjectivity.

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