Aug 30th 2014

John Henley: Number Two

@ Loo

2153 W 21st St, Chicago IL 60608

Opening Saturday, August 30th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Saturday, September 27th

John Henley’s artwork always has another side. Literally. Flip the drawing over and there’s the dirty side. Flip it back and there’s the clean side. He provides winding pathways from one to the next, with windows from one into the other, and highway rest-stops for the weary. The figures fondle and thump and put on a hat. They chat about the weather and seem to know that you’re watching. They hope you’re watching. They’re caught up in some twisted shit or they forgot to mail a letter.

This is a build your own adventure, folks. A throwback to those savored hours spent locked alone in the bathroom while your brother pounded on the door and you contemplated if Tom would: a) go to the party for a potential gang bang; b) stay home staring into a microscope looking for a Nobel Prize in some worm feces; or c) put on a gingham dress for a YouTube video that could generate enough money to pay for a girls night out at Red Lobster. Don’t worry. That putz little brother of yours is too weak to break down this door.

This library stretches out to infinity and begs to be reorganized. When you walk away you’ll leave a little surprise for the next gal. Number two is messy and won’t easily be flushed away.

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