Jul 24th 2014

Equisite Gallery: Bitchin Bajas and Pair

@ Averill and Bernard Leviton A+D Gallery

619 S Wabash, Chicago IL 60605

Opening Thursday, July 24th, from 5PM - 8PM

On view through Saturday, July 26th

WEEK 4 : For the final week of Exquisite Gallery, Bitchin Bajas and Pair will collaborate in the gallery space, with a presentation of their efforts on Thursday, July 24, 5-8pm

A+D Gallery is pleased to present its fourth annual Summer Residency with Chicago-based design studio Plural.

Plural will transform A+D Gallery into a 1,350 square foot canvas for experimentation over the course of four weeks. Akin to the Surrealist parlor game Exquisite Corpse, the gallery will transform from week to week, employing art, graphic design, architecture, installation, interactivity, music, and performance. One of four collaborators from Plural will guide a week with only one rule: that the following week will have a tie to the previous week. The gallery space will be an ever-changing creative lab for the generation of ideas and exploration.

Bitchin Bajas is an experimental/ ambient trio based in Chicago and includes Rob Frye (CAVE/Flux Bikes/Herbivore) and Dan Quinlivan (Mahjongg).

Pair is the audio/visual duo of Marta Sofia Honer (Quartet Datura) and Jeremiah Chiu (Deep Sleep/Axis:Sova/ Chandeliers/Icy Demons) whose performances engulf the audience in a sensory journey. Jeremiah Chiu is the co-founder of Plural and an active experimental artist/ musician in Chicago.

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