May 16th 2014

Steve Ruiz: Dreadfuls

@ D Gallery

623 S. Wabash

Opening Friday, May 16th, from 12PM - 1PM

On view through Monday, June 16th

I finished school last year and you know how it is, when towards the end things buckle under the weight of meaning and intention and the pressure to be, well, if not coherent, at least cohesive; and even though the fuel is spent, it all continues to roll on under its own momentum.

Afterward, I spent a summer of afternoons abroad bleeding that momentum. My studio shrunk to the size of our kitchen table and I called it a hobby, recalling what I liked or loved to do. And back to fiction for the first time in ages: adventure novels, comics, adolescent classics, escapist rags, knife-in-teeth fantasies, Doc Savage, Wren, Tolkien, Mundy, Haggard… who cares? Sensational stories full of daring deeds in dangerous places make for good comeback reading.

Piling through the pulp, I was drawn again to those places, etched in swelling line, half real and half imagined, where adventure seemed assured.

Steve Ruiz (b. 1986) is an artist and writer from Chicago, Illinois. He earned his MFA from The University of Chicago in 2013, co-founded and maintains the visual art calendar, The Visualist, and writes regularly for Bad at Sports, Daily Serving, and elsewhere.

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