May 23rd 2014

Lucas de Lima in person! Reading + Q&A.
Admission free.

Join us at FLAT Space May 23rd for an evening with author Lucas De Lima. Lucas will be reading from his newly published book Wet Land out on Action Books. This reading will take place in the gallery space as part of the exhibition run of Perverted Living.

As if this exploration of Queer Latino/Latina identity is not enough for you Lucas will be reading works by Roberto Piva, Hiromi Ito and Lara Gelnum.

The evening will also contain a short screening of experimental moving image works curated by Daniel Luedtke. These include titles by Latham Zearfoss, Aimee Goguen and Claire Arctander.

“These poems lurch from the murky waters of our collective unconscious and side-swipe us with a lyric invocation of the dark forces of… what? Nature? History? The alien life-force that drives planetary evolution? A primal being raises itself from the swamp of human consciousness, animated by the archaic and archetypal Sobek, the Egyptian god in crocodile form. The two voices that alternate in this narrative of trauma—the quotidian voice of the poet and a ritual voice of invocation—queer the story in the most profound way. Together with de Lima we call forth the god who will transform the narrative. As queers, we are the incarnation of countless shamans, medicine men, magicians and priests. The poet places himself in this tradition through his invocation.”—AA Bronson

Lucas de Lima was born in southeastern Brazil. He is the author of Wet Land (Action Books, 2014) as well as the chapbooks Ghostlines (Radioactive Moat) and Terraputa (forthcoming from Birds of Lace). A contributing writer at Montevidayo, he pursues doctoral studies in Comparative Literature at the University of Pennsylvania.

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