Jan 10th 2014

Lynn Saville: Vacancy & Reuben Wu: Distant Suns

@ Schneider Gallery

230 West Superior Street, Chicago, IL 60654

Opening Friday, January 10th, from 5PM - 7:30PM

On view through Saturday, March 1st

Schneider Gallery is pleased to present recent works by Lynn Saville and Reuben Wu. Both artists look to the landscape for their source material; Saville working locally and nationally and Wu traveling to remote points across the globe. Together, these works reflect how the transmission of light and process can transform place, making the familiar unfamiliar.

Saville’s luminous photographs capture the transformative powers of light within an urban environment. Through the utilization of vacant storefronts and varying atmospheric conditions, the photographs present us with conflicting responses – first, a sense of radiant beauty emanating from the twenty-four hour storefront lighting, then as we realize the context in which this work is made, the “contrast between aesthetic perception and the subtext of economic distress” is made that much more clear.

Somewhere between 1970s concept album art, expeditionary imagery, and Surrealist painting is where Reuben Wu’s photographs steadfastly sit. His are pictures made in the real world, however, through collapsing time and merging processes, the real is transformed into the surreal, evoking a response simultaneously familiar and foreign. The photographs amplify the strangeness of place and speak to Wu’s individual experience within it.

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