Jan 10th 2014

Leftovers is an exhibition event that features exclusively MFA students’ work at UIC, curated by Erik Allen, a second-year MFA candidate. Based on the question, “what are MFA’s doing over semester breaks, after they are all beat up by a semester of art school?”, Allen is interested in the strange and the sarcastic leftovers from a crowd of peers who are inexplicably drained by a series of intense critique marathon. What gets left behind when grad students have just recently defended their “best best very best” effort?

Reversing the polished, the ready, the completely defendable, Leftovers presents a much more honest and genuine look at ideas in their simplest, original form. As Allen explores the very concept of original art in the grad school underbelly, please join us for a rare view of unusual finds, never-to-be-seen again installation and assembly of works straight from the front line.

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