Nov 8th 2013

Caroline Picard: Divining Transhuman Space

@ D Gallery

623 S. Wabash room 717D, Chicago IL

Opening Friday, November 8th, from 12:45PM - 1:45PM

On view through Tuesday, December 31st

Hijacking the 9-5 office of Philip von Zweck’s D Gallery, Caroline Picard installs a series of visual models, notes and computations in an effort to trace the transformative animal potential in art and space. These notes entertain the Anthropocene, the End Times, and the limits of human imagination, drawing unreasonable speculations out into models of structured, institutional space.

“This is what makes the world…I believe this to be the fundamental dynamic. Transition. The point where one thing becomes another. It is what makes you, the city, the world, what they are. And that is the theme that I’m interested in. The zone where the disparate become the whole. The hybrid zone.” China Miéville, Perdido Street Station

“Insofar as the animal knows neither being nor nonbeing, neither open nor closed, it is outside of being; it is outside in an intimacy more internal than any closedness. To let the animal be would then mean: to let it be outside of being.” Giorgio Agamben, The Open: Man and Animal

“This is what happened at 3400 feet — we had reached a stand of red wood trees in an area that had never been cut and my ears popped.” Lyn Hejinian My Life

Caroline Picard is the Founding Editor for the Green Lantern Press and Blog Tzar to Bad at Sports. Recent work has been published or is forthcoming from Paper Monument, Rattapallax, MAKE Magazine and Diner Journal. She is the 2014 Curatorial Resident at La Box in Bourges, France. Upcoming curatorial projects include “Ghost Nature” (Gallery 400, January 2014 & La Box, March 2014), and “Animal Projections” (La Box, January 2014).

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