Sep 13th 2013

Youthful Form

@ Lloyd Dobler Gallery

1545 W. Division St., Chicago IL

Opening Friday, September 13th, from 6PM - 10PM

On view through Saturday, October 12th

Curated by Geoffrey Todd Smith and featuring work from Madeleine Ehrhardt, Ethan Gill, Abel Guzman, Rob Loane, David Lloyd, Aubrey Manson, Josh Reames, Steve Ruiz and Sarah Weber.

“As a young painter in Chicago, the first casual interactions I had with working artists, writers, and curators happened in apartment galleries and alternative spaces. The importance of the social aspect of being an artist was lost on me at the time, but getting to meet people with a bit more experience proved valuable. The development of these relationships eventually led to exhibitions and equally important, put me in conversations about art and life.

The artists I have invited to participate in “Youthful Form” are making compelling work, transitioning through art school and moving beyond to follow their own artistic paths. Each artist is searching, developing and participating, at various stages, in their own fresh conversations. Some of the artists in the show are former students of mine and some are not, but more importantly, I see all of them regularly out looking at art and talking to artists. Though the stylistic choices in the show vary wildly, there is a nearly palpable combination of formality and personality in experiencing each work.”

-Geoffrey Todd Smith

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