Sep 19th 2013

Brain Frame 12

@ The Orphanage

643 W 31st Street, second floor

Opening Thursday, September 19th, from 8PM - 11PM

Brain Frame, the performative comics reading series, is celebrating its twelfth show. Featuring five local artists and two Baltimoreans, the event will take place at 8pm on Saturday, May 18th at 643 W 31st Street, on the second floor. Admission is $7 donation.

Brain Frame, founded in 2011, gives comics and zine artists a place to expand upon their work, incorporating elements impossible to reproduce on the printed page. Readings often include slide shows, costumes, props, soundtracks, performance, music, lectures, and more.

At Brain Frame 12, Baltimore cartoonist Eamon Espey and puppeteer Lisa Krause will present Ishi’s Brain, based on the true story of “the last wild Indian”. Espey and Krause have turned the story into a science fiction ritual involving shadow puppets, masks, a marionette and lots of painted cardboard. Espey’s graphic novel, Songs of the Abyss, was recently published by Secret Acres (New York) and will be available at the show along with self-published work by the rest of the night’s performers. Nate Beaty will remember his breakdancing days in animated sequences; Kevin Budnik will revisit his descent into anorexia in a series of poignant autobiographic comic strips; Meghan Lamb will explore the conundrum of lovers threatening suicide via spoken word and karaoke; Thorne Brandt will tell the story of a magic drumstick with live music and interactive video; and Anne Elizabeth Moore, Fulbright scholar and woman behind the Ladydrawers, will deliver an illustrated lecture on sanitary napkin disposal bags.

Relying on word of mouth and several glowing reviews, Brain Frame’s audience has grown steadily since the inaugural show, overfilling so often that the event has had to relocate several times. Lyra Hill, Brain Frame’s founder, organizer, and emcee, will be taking the show to the east coast this fall, and the west coast in the spring. “I want people to surprise me, and I want to understand good comics from the artists’ perspectives,” she says. “I encourage everyone to be as weird and ambitious as possible.”

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