Aug 10th 2013

Jonathan Petersen, best known for his highly conceptual and beautifully executed infographics, presents for the first time a body of work that is simultaneously sophomoric and illuminating. The displayed works are collected under the nom de plume Latchland, an exploration of the interaction of sequential-art (comics), infographics and graphical abstraction. This exhibit will include excerpts from the artist’s two most acclaimed works.

The narrative of And They Only Bloom at Night takes us through a post-apocalyptic fantasy world that is rife with adolescent naivety. The eight-part sequential-art narrative explores the issues surrounding war, nature, metaphysical confusion and omnipotence. At its simplest, it is a violent and ridiculous hero’s journey. Reflecting the story’s war-torn and otherworldly settings, the imagery is loose and heavily stylized, brought to life with rough India ink scratchings and controlled vector art. And They Only Bloom at Night was developed over the course of two years, coming to completion in 2012.

Another play off of childhood drawings & mindset, Sun Worshipper is a love story which tests the boundaries
of vulgarity while addressing issues of intimacy and relationships. This series as well was created with India ink handmade patterns and controlled vector art.

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