Jul 13th 2013

Eric Ashcraft: The Bottom Line

@ 3433

3433 Kedvale Ave., Chicago, IL 60641

Opening Saturday, July 13th, at 6PM

On view through Friday, August 9th


Light rakes across, reflects and absorbs into tactfully painted, carved and shaped polygonal and curved surfaces in this solo exhibition; 3433 presents, “The Bottom Line” a new body of work from Eric Ashcraft.

Slender, skewed shapes enclose views of the wall behind, and engage the surrounding wall as a flexible spatial complement. Images fold, distort and deteriorate, revealing a unique process of transformation. The works range from radiating luminous and lavish color to subtle imbibing grays, adorned with simple orchestrations of lines and dots interacting with contoured supports. The resulting pieces often imply the process of their construction or describe vaguely familiar domestic forms. The space becomes animated through the interaction of these objects, as they echo through the gallery’s interior.

Existing somewhere between an articulation of modern concern for surface and form, and an indifference toward its conventional, heavy-handed tendency for a grandiose, purist ideology; these works exhibit a supple lightness of configuration. At times, images of disruption slowly unveil while hinting toward a flexible non-Euclidean space, where the experience of the work unfolds via the interaction of the object with its periphery. A palpable handling is present in the inherent abstract nature of image, the perception of object and symbol, and how these things can be reinforced as physical structures while misleading the viewer by exploiting perceptual assumptions.

Eric Ashcraft (b. 1983, Billings, Montana) acquired a BFA from the University of Montana in 2006 and finished his MFA in painting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009. Recent exhibitions in which Ashcraft has contributed include: “Taste” at Small Black Door, New York, New York; “Poseur” at Grizzly Grizzly, Philadelphia; “Montana Triennial” at the Missoula Art Museum; “Mt. Comfort” at Mt. Comfort Gallery, Indianapolis, IN; NEXT invitational exhibition of emerging art at Art Chicago, Chicago; Patrajdas Contemporary, Chicago; Painting Centric at Cal Arts, Valencia, California; The Factory Underground, Greenwich, Connecticut; Casa Duno at The Milwaukee Art Festival, and Manifest Exhibitions in Chicago.

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