Jul 28th 2013

Every two months for the past two years, intrepid cartoonists (and the like) have worked up the guts to read their comics, in the most weird and ambitious ways possible, in front of a raucous, optimistic throng. These brave artists: writers, illustrators, zine-makers, animators, academics, and performers; united by their interest in sequential art, have created the Performative Comix Reading as we know it: BRAIN FRAME! Now is your chance to witness the form during its peak virility, basking in the humid twilight of a summer Sunday.

You are cordially invited to BRAIN FRAME 13, our 2ND ANNIVERSARY SHOW!

This is not your standard Brain Frame. (Is there a standard Brain Frame?) This is a celebration, a market-place, a gallery show, a gathering. Arrive at 5pm to browse merchandise from Brain Frame artists across the years; sip on some good kegs; indulge in alternative baked goods; and take in original artwork from an eclectic selection of Brain Frame artists. At 6pm, we’ll draw a raffle. Everyone gets a ticket! Prizes include a complete set of Brain Frame screen prints, a wearable deer pelt, a collaborative portrait, and more. Immediately following this hedonistic spectacle, the show will begin.

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Performances include:

The jam-comics collective Trubble Club performing a live interpretation of the Infinite Corpse, the never-ending, ever-expanding, multi-dimensional online comic. You, the audience, will choose which path everyman skeleton Corpsey should take next. [http://corpsey.trubbleclub.com/]

Jeremy Tinder debuting a new chapter of The Eye, his mutant detective story. Giant heads, multiple projections, interactive comics panels – a technical and creative phenomenon only an artist of Jeremy’s tenure would dare attempt. [www.jeremytinder.com]

Lyra Hill teaming up with Night Terror, the scary electronic prog project from Brain Frame accompanist Tyson Torstensen. These two creative masterminds are collaborating on nightmarish LP/comic book release. Their Brain Frame performance will offer a peek into the future of your darkest fantasies. [www.lyrahill.com] [www.ihearanewworld.com/nightterror]

Sara Drake and her puppeteer group Pup House will debut the new rear-projection shadow-play Saltwater Weather, a watery journey involving a deep sea submarine, its hapless crew, and the monsters lurking beyond its thin metal membrane. This hypnotic picture show will be accompanied by experimental electronic musician Quicksails. [http://sara-drake.blogspot.com/] [www.soundcloud.com/quicksails]
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Now is your chance to witness an artistic event unique to Chicago – unique, indeed, to the world! Audience members will receive a complimentary laser pointer (show up to find out why) and be privy to special announcements regarding the future of the show. Please, we would love to have you with us.


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