Jul 23rd 2013

This summer, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Chicago features a large-scale installation on the front plaza by Chicago-born, Los Angeles-based artist Amanda Ross-Ho. This exhibition is part of the MCA’s commitment to blurring the lines between the inside and outside of the museum, enlivening Chicago with contemporary art beyond the museum walls. Under the subhead The Character and Shape of Illuminated Things, the author illustrates through a trio of objects—a cube, sphere, and female mannequin head—how to use light creatively. Each of the three objects of the found vignette are painted middle gray and produced on a monolithic scale—the mannequin head reaching 15 feet high—turning the plaza into a still life which uses the constantly shifting conditions of daylight as its major material. The exhibition is organized by Julie Rodrigues Widholm, MCA Pamela Alper associate curator.

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