Jun 15th 2013

League of Women Designers: Skirt

@ Manifold

4426 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

Opening Saturday, June 15th, from 15 June 2013 - 9PM

On view through Saturday, July 27th

Participating designers:

Heather Anderson, Araidia Blackburn, Bridgette Buckley, Stephanie Cobb, Jennifer Farrell, Elizabeth Fiersten, Eve Fineman, Jamie Hayes, Catherine McCulloch, Kari Merkl, Heather Mullins, Donna Piacenza and Linda Pulik Curated by Bridgette Buckley & LWD Chicago; exhibition essay by Lauren Viera

A group exhibition of women designers in Chicago—from across allied design fields—showcasing work in response to a single word, Skirt.

Chicago, IL: Skirt showcases a cross-section of new work made by a group of designers responding to a single word. Skirt brings together architects, interior designers, product designers, fashion designers, professional artists, professors and graphic designers, who are grouped by default by their gender, and on purpose via their association with the League of Women Designers.

The League of Women Designers (LWD) was established in Portland, Ore., in 2009 by Kari Merkl of Merkled Studio and was conceived as a means of pooling the minds of creative individuals who happened to be women. There was no agenda; there was no manifesto. It was and still is a forum for women designers to meet, either physically or virtually, to share their thoughts and ideas concerning their professional design practice, process and inspiration.

LWD gained a Midwestern chapter when Merkled Studio relocated to Chicago in 2011. Like the Portland group, the goal for establishing the League of Women Designers Chicago was to foster a network of like-minded designers: to harness the collective energy that comes from members of the group. Skirt marks the debut of the League of Women Designers Chicago.

There will be two panel discussions at Manifold featuring leading members of the design community, programmed to cultivate pertinent and timely dialogue in association with Skirt:

Panel Discussion: June 29th, 2pm
Skirting the Boundaries of Design—Conversations around the term Human Centered Design and the resulting practices that are at the boundaries of this idea.

Closing and Panel Discussion: July 27th, 2pm
Design & Craft / Hands-on & Digital—Discussions exploring the contemporary intersection of making, process and product.

Image: Kari Merkl, Holder, 2013, brass, stainless steel (rendering), 9″W x 17″D x 14″H

Kari Merkl (503.284.0521) or Bridgette Buckley (312.805.0475)

Official Website

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