Mar 22nd 2013

Join us for the closing of How Do I Look? and grab a copy of the (very) limited edition show catalogue, featuring original writings by Claire Arctander, Rami George, Sofia Leiby, Danny Orendorff and Bert Stabler.*

How Do I Look?
with Edie Fake, Erin Leland, Aay Preston- Myint, Michael Sirianni, & Latham Zearfoss

How Do I Look? is a group exhibition of drawing, photography, video, and three-dimensional works engaged in the strategic deployment of fantasy, confession, and voyeurism. The five artists in this show are together concerned with the physical construction of interiority, the confinement to oneself that nevertheless has a public appearance, and among other things, the richness of erotic encounters and their spatial dynamics. Employing sidelong glances, coded gestures and secret language, both in tactics of display and in attitude, the artworks of How Do I Look? continue both the feminist project of de-neutralizing domestic space and the queer project of de-pathologizing promiscuity.

As a collection of encounters, How Do I Look? elicits desire from fluid erotics enacted relative to public disclosure, through the evocative interplay formed in moving from the openness of light to the cloaking of darkness.

How Do I Look? is at once a self-obsessed trifle and an ever-prescient interrogation: “How do you see me? How do I see everything else?”

*The catalogues are priced on a sliding scale with a suggested price of $20.

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