Feb 8th 2013

Tranquility through Assemblage

@ ROOMS Gallery

1835 S. Halsted

Opening Friday, February 8th, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Monday, February 18th

Tranquillity through Assemblage
a performance by ROOMS
featuring work by Eric Stefanski

“ASSEMBLAGE” is a ROOMS performance installation showing in conjunction with Eric Stefanski’s “The darkness that follows the light of heaven” on Friday, February 8th from 7 to 10PM during the Chicago Arts District’s February installment of their monthly 2nd Friday Gallery Night.

Sixteen performers will assemble in ROOMS Gallery for three hours. These participants will be blindfolded and asked to commit to only one of two physical positions –  Sitting or Standing.  While in these positions they can vocalize one of two rudimentary sounds or remain silent for only a minute at a time.  It’s an exercise of freewill within a universe of minimal options.   As mesmerizing as watching waves or a field of wheat in the wind – this performance becomes another ROOMS mediation on reality itself.

Eric Stefanski presents a work from his Metamorphosis series. “The darkness that follows the light of heaven” is process intense that draws from personal experiences and an affinity for gestural abstraction. In some areas of the painting, the surface is reduced back to its original tranquility. While other areas have an excess of paint and soil piled in waves. This process creates juxtaposition between cancellation and form.

ROOMS is Marrakesh &Todd Frugia. ROOMS is dedicated to exploring and strengthening the relationship between artist and audience by experimenting with the creative process and expanding the vocabulary of language and experience through live performance.

ROOMS Gallery is the studio in which Marrakesh & Todd Frugia perform, create and expand their work. ROOMS strives to display their work with outside artists with a similar conceptual process and practice. Tranquility through Assemblage is presented with curatorial direction from Christian Cruz.

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