Nov 16th 2012


@ Co-Prosperity Sphere

3219-21 South Morgan street

Opening Friday, November 16th, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Thursday, November 29th

In geometry, triangulation is the process of determining the location of a point by measuring angles to it from known points at either end of a fixed baseline. This exhibition is a not-so-literal take on the concept of triangulation, in which ten current members of the Co-Prosperity School locate themselves by “measuring the angles” between themselves and two other people: one a past participant in Co-Pro School, and the other, a person from the current participant’s past residing outside of Chicago.The Co-Prosperity School is an Artist-Run School for and about the advancement and understanding of contemporary Chicago Art. Through guest speakers and class member presentations, the school shines a light on the city’s contemporary art scene. Each current participant has selected one past participant and one person from their own past, based on similarities or connections between those people’s work and the current participant’s own practice. The similarities might be formal or conceptual, superficial or essential, direct or oblique. Generally, these connections are found between existing works, but the possibility of collaboration or new, specific work is left open to the participants and their partners. The exhibition space will present ten triptychs, groupings, installations, or collaborations.Participating

Artists include:
Madeleine Bailey, David Barista, Daniel A. Bruce, Jenny Buffington, Stephanie Burke, Jessica Cochran, Deirdre Colgan, Aaron Delehanty, Ray Emerick, Arturo Evening, Jeff Geesa, Melina Georgi, Skye Gilkerson, Jessica Harvey, Jeriah Hildwine, Ryan Jones, Brian Keane, Regina Mamou, Jordan Martins, Ryan Peter Miller, Justin Nighbert, Ahmed Ozsever, Jason Robinette, Marco Rosichelli, Hui-min Tsen, Raine Vasquez, Valentina Vella, Erin Whitman, Christopher T. Wood, Karin Zuppiger

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