Nov 17th 2012


@ Floor Length and Tux

4125 W. Melrose St., Chicago IL 60641

Opening Saturday, November 17th, from 7PM - 10PM

FLATWARE is the christening of the **new** Floor Length and Tux location. All previous FLAT participants were invited to present a “plate”
a. An actual fabricated plate
b. Or something that fits on a plate
c. Or a delicious dish to share

Jon Bollo, Matty Colston, Meg Duguid, Chris Hammes, Chris Hefner, Brandon Heuser, Chuck Jones, Christy LeMaster, Angela Lopez, Liz Nielsen, Stephen Nyktas, Jonathan Ozik, Danielle Paz, Frank Pollard, Dawn Reed, Kristen Romaniszak, Julie Rudder, Kendrick Shackleford, Edra Soto, Bj Vogt, Carl Warnick, Brett Williams, Catie Olson, EC Brown

About the FLAT series:
Catie Olson and EC Brown have conducted Floor Length and Tux exhibitions from their home since February 2009. These single-evening events are the result of an extended relationship with small selections of artists.

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