Oct 11th 2012

In Action

@ In Here Gallery

112 S Michigan Ave. 1112

Opening Thursday, October 11th, from 4:30PM - 5:45PM

Creme de la Creme enterprises is pleased to be hosting “In Action” In Here Gallery.

“In Action” is a curated program of symposia, conversation, and research. Events held over an eight week period will encourage a discursive analyses of the art practice as it relates to methods of thought. Conversations will be located at the moment that the critical head digests the critical tail, when critical theory becomes cyclical.

Scheduled events will be positioned as interruptions unfelt, like an interruption of labor by thought to form practice. The accumulated dialogue produced by the program will be published as research following the program’s completion.

In Action will commence Thursday, October 11 at 4:30 pm with an introductory presentation by Noah Barker. The In Action program will progress with events scheduled regularly over the following eight week period. For news on future events and more information at inactionprogram.wordpress.com.

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