Sep 8th 2012


@ slow

2153 W 21st Street

Opening Saturday, September 8th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Saturday, September 29th

How to say f**k you, and keep a smile on your face. Manners. The double entendre.

Or is it all a mistake? Malopropism. I didn’t mean to end you. Or humiliate.

Mean girls is not a reference to a movie, it is a mode of being. We accept that stories have characters that assassinate character and characters. We justify our actions to ensure our position on the good people team. We care what you think of us even as we seek to destroy your life.

Slow presents the work of 26 or 28 artists—all depends on how you count. Should be a rockin’ good time. Bring your thick skin. Prepare to laugh, or maybe cry. Brad Johns’s permanent interventions in the gallery and connected apartment behind will still be featured, and there may be an object or two by Megan Powell.

George Blaha ·Poy Born·Laura Davis·Barbara DeGenevieve·Meg Duguid·Jason Dunda·Danica Favorito·Brent Garbowski·Max Garett·Karolina Gnatowski·John Henley·Andrew Holmquist·Michael Hunter·Vesna Jovanovic ·Susie Kimball · Richard Kooyman ·Jinn Bronwen Lee·Joe Mault·Melanie Parke·Caroline Picard ·Laura Prieto-Velasco ·Dave Richards ·Steve Reber ·Daniel Schmid·Mindy Rose Schwartz·Ellis von Sternberg·

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